Mission & Vision


Above: A boy entering SMCC.

The Southfield Muslim Community Center (which includes IAU’s Study Abroad Program, Masjid Noor and community spaces) strives to share authentic Islamic knowledge through worship, convert/revert & returning Muslim support, classes, lectures and dawah activities.

Worshippers in Masjid Noor

Right: Early arrivals to Masjid Noor for Jummah

Please note: SMCC is a Sunni organization that supports all 4 authentic schools of thought (Maliki, Hanafi, Shafi’i and Hanbali), and is open to people from all ethnic cultures and backgrounds. By the mercy of Allah, our country has the greatest diversity of Muslims than any other, except for Saudi Arabia during the Hajj!


Above: Hajj unites Muslims of diverse backgrounds in religious observation.