Islamic Studies Diploma

The Islamic Studies Diploma program is divided into five terms, and designed so that a part-time student may finish the course in approximately 15 months.

  • First Term:
    • AQI101 Introductory Creed
    • FIQ101 Introductory Devotional Law I
  • Second Term:
    • USU101 Introductory Legal Theory
    • FIQ201 Introductory Devotional Law II
  • Third Term:
    • QUR101 Qur’anic Sciences or HAD101 Introduction to the Sunnah
    • FIQ301 Introductory Commercial Law
  • Fourth Term:
    • HAD201 Introductory Hadith Sciences
    • FIQ401 Introductory Family Law
  • Fifth Term:
    • LOG101 Introductory Logic & Critical Thinking
    • FIQ501 Introductory Criminal Law & Litigation

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