How We Teach

IAU presents courses through three educational modules: Direct, Distance ,and Online.The IAU Direct Program courses are traditional, classroom-style learning opportunities. Students meet weekly at IAU’s main campus in Southfield, Michigan, or within any classroom space at their disposal (i.e. local school, business, Islamic Center, etc.).

IAU also offers a traditional Distance Learning Program. This should be considered as independent study or correspondence. The student reads and reflects and then makes a mandatory weekly telephone call to the instructor during their office hours and utilizes email to send assignments and follow-up questions or responses.   This program, an alternative to the direct classroom program, has served students of IAU for seven years. Our students’ feedback indicated a need for an increasingly more interactive, flexible, and personally satisfying learning experiences. Our response is the IAU Online Program, which was initiated through a pilot program in 2006.

The IAU Online Program courses might have weekly pre-recorded video lectures. The program allows students a great deal of flexibility for integrating Islamic learning into their busy personal lives and routines. One clear advantage is that students can listen and ponder over a lecture then replay one or all lectures as many times as needed. This allows students to clarify important points and incorporate material from additional readings. This also permits students the time to form more in-depth responses and ask deeper questions. All of the lecture materials can be accessed as many times as the student needs in order to prepare for mid-term and final examinations. This program allows students to set their own pace.   Assignments and quizzes are accessible online.

To further enhance the learning experience, student contact with instructors is maximized. IAU’s Online program may include: regular, live chat sessions lead by the instructor; weekly email forums where probing questions are asked—by both instructors and students—to the benefit of the entire online classroom; and, conference calls are scheduled as needed.  The goal for the IAU Online Program is to produce, for each course, lectures to cover the same content as the direct, on-campus course. Courses initiated during the pilot phase, towards the English language Associate’s Degree in Islamic Sciences, will be completed. Following this, the courses towards the Arabic language Associate’s Degree in Islamic Sciences will be produced. The Bachelor’s Degree program production will follow the same pattern. 

A demonstration of the Online Program is available (Real Player and Internet Explorer 5 or newer are required). Also, a demonstration of how to use the online classes is available.

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