Direct and Distance Learning

At Islamic American University, you have the opportunity to choose the learning method that fits your lifestyle best—whether it’s attending classes in person, through our online learning system, or a combination of both.

Direct Learning
If you prefer learning face-to-face rather than over the internet, you can complete your degree at one of many local IAU affiliated locations across the United States. Students enrolled in the campus-based format will:

Attend class in person for interactive, seminar-style instruction. (This usually occurs once a week for most programs. Direct classes are generally held in the evening, although some campus locations offer day or weekend classes as well)

Work closely with a small number of classmates in a “learning team” that meets weekly outside of class to address challenges and issues faced in today’s workplace.

Gain presentation skills in face-to-face class meetings.

Distance Learning
Our online learning program is interactive and participative. Students complete one course at a time, and progress to the next course in the same way as students participating in the “Direct Learning” classes, and work in “Learning Teams” with their classmates for projects.

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