Associate’s in Islamic Studies

The first year of the Associate’s Degree program is 30 credit hours and is comprised of the same courses as the Islamic Studies Diploma.  The remaining 36 credit hours are comprised of intermediate courses ideal for imams and Islamic school teachers.  The program is designed for a part-time student to finish in approximately two and a half years.

  • Second Year
    • First Term
      • AQI201 Theology I
      • FIQ102 Intermediate Devotional Law I
    • Second Term
      • AQI202 Theology II
      • FIQ303 Intermediate Devotional Law II
    • Third Term
      • FIQ210 Intermediate Legal Theory I
      • QUR101 Qur’anic Sciences or HAD101 Introduction to the Sunnah
      • FIQ212 Intermediate Commercial Law
    • Fourth Term
      • FIQ211 Intermediate Legal Theory II
      • HAD210 Intermediate Hadith Sciences
      • FIQ208 Intermediate Family Law
    • Fifth Term
      • LOG201 Intermediate Logic
      • FIQ214 Intermediate Criminal Law & Litigation

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