ASL (Arabic as A Second Language)

The ASL program (Arabic as a Second Language) is a series of intensive courses made up of 18 seperate levels, designed to teach any non-Arabic speaker the Arabic language in an easy and funny way.

The advantages of our ASL program are:

  • The entire program is online.
  • Beneficial one-on-one time with professors.
    Unlimited access to the website ANY time and ANY day of the week, 24/7, to practice course material, etc; thus allowing students to take advantage of the ASL program while making little to NO changes in their daily lifestyle and work schedules. This flexibility is very important to our students, allowing a high level of comfort and a stress-free progression through the program.

Below are more specific details regarding the 18 levels in the ASL program:

Modern Standard Arabic (Fus-ha):

Levels: 18
Each level contains 30 Hours of material


NOVICE levels (made up of 5 levels – 30 hours each level)
– The NOVICE levels are designed to teach and train students to use Arabic in their daily lives, so that they can:INTERMEDIATE levels (made up of 6 levels – 30 hours each level):

The purpose of the INTERMEDIATE levels are to enable students to:

  • Use the modern language so that they can understand the general idea of a journalistic article or novel.
  • Use Arabic to describe historical, geographical, and political subjects.
  • Know the proverbs used in the Arab world and compare them with proverbs in their ownlanguage.-
  • Learn about the various arts in the Arab world, such as calligraphy and arabesque.
  • Learn Arabic poetry and become familiar with famous poets such as Ilia Aby Mady, and famouswriters such as Najeeb – Mahfouz.
  • Take part in job interviews.
  • Describe their life experiences
  • Discuss topics of their daily lives (this is a continuation of topics covered in earlier levels except now the student will be expected to provide more detail).
  • Become more aware of Arab customs and traditions, for example regarding marriage, death, and celebrations.
  • Manage a conversation about general topics with any Arabic speaker.

After this stage the student can continue to study Advanced Modern Arabic or customizedcourses that fit his goals e.g. to study the languag used in Mass Media ; to study Arabic for thepurpose of trading or any other purpose.

ADVANCED levels (made up of 7 levels – 30 hours each level):
The purpose of the ADVANCED levels is to enable students to efficiently and precisely read from selected Arabic and Islamic books that date back to the golden-age of Arabic and Islamic civilizations. During these levels the students will study Arabic Rhetoric, the History of Arabic Literature, and selections from other traditional texts relating to the Glorious Qur’an, Prophetic traditions, and other Islamic sciences.

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