Arabic as a Second Language

Placement test

If you are an absolute beginner and you have never studied the Arabic

language before, you DO NOT need to take a test. You can go ahead and

sign up for a level 1 course. Otherwise you need to take a placement test

.You can request a placement test by sending an email



Private lesson (one on one)

Private instruction offers students an opportunity to work one-on-one with

an instructor at their own pace. The instructor carefully selects materials and

plans lessons to effectively meet the student’s goals and individual learning


Private programs offer a flexible schedule and a customized curriculum. A

minimum of 3 hours of instruction with one or two classes or three classes

(each 60 or 90minutes) per week is the suggested module, but dates, times

and content can be arranged according to your requirement.

Whether your focus is to read and write professional documents, make

presentations using specific terminology, or gain confidence and fluency in

different professional and social situations, we will work with you to design a

program that fulfills your needs.

The price is $8 per hour


Group ( 2 to 3 students)

Small class-size of up to 3 students will be placed in the same class. Each level

is 30 hours. Placement test is required to make sure that the students in the same

class are on the same level of language ability.

Tuition per level is $ 120 per student.

Oral Communication Program

Cost $7 per hour



The curriculum taught in this program includes Qur’an Tajweed, Hifz-ul-Quran

Quran private is $ 5

Group for 2

Cost is $3.5 per person

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